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Please check out this press release about my Vampire/Football novel set in Birmngham UK


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When growing up in Birmingham, UK as a small child I only recognised the classic horror entities such as witches, vampires, werewolves, monsters etc as simply that: horror. Now when we write in this genre, and accepting that of course the whole horror thing has evolved, a horror tale can often be labelled as science fiction or fantasy as well as simply horror. I’m a bit of traditionalist and like to use the term horror. To me, and going back to what I grew up with, science fiction meant stories set in the future or  stories involving space travel or aliens.

In saying all that my own horror book, Beneath the Floodlights, which tells the story of a football team (soccer team in USA) being taken over by vampires is often classed as Sci Fi!!!!!

Does anyone really care about the brigading of genres or is it simply the story that wins through in the end?

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