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5 Star Review – Beneath The Floodlights. A quality review by Emily Guido about a vampire/soccer novel set in the UK.


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This is a wonderful feature of me by fellow author Dina Santorelli:-


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In July of 2011 I had my first novel published entitled Beneath The Floodlights, a novel about soccer and vampires.

The novel tells the story of a Midlands based football team who become relegated from the English Premier League. Their only hope seems to rest on the shoulders of a mysterious new manager who arrives from overseas.

This closing season the team I support in real life, Wolverhampton Wanderers, got relegated from the English Premier League and guess what – a mysterious manager from overseas has been appointed to hopefully return the club to its former glory. Welcome to Wolves Mr. Stale Solbakken!

Funny how life can sometimes mimic fiction….


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Great 5 star review by Emily Guido


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