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Biography: An avid fan of reading, collecting old books and painting watercolors when the mood strikes, Bobbie Crawford is the Founder & Owner of Nurture Your BOOKS™ and she works on a little bit of everything, focusing primarily on the one-on-one with clients as a Book Publicist and Virtual Book Tour Coordinator.

Martin: Hello Bobbie, tell me all about the ‘Nurture Your Books’ Brand, it sounds really exciting?

Bobbie: Nurture Your BOOKS™ is quite innovative and unique in that it has an adaptable business model. We stick with what works and add new services that have proven to be effective and of good value for our clients. We evolve with literary industry as it changes.

Martin: So, you can really help authors to showcase their work?

Bobbie: Yes, we can help them showcase, promote and market their work in a variety of ways. We have a list of most of our services, here.

Martin: Would you say the cost of the services is good value for money?

Bobbie: Yes, I would say so. I was discussing this exact topic today with my PA, just this afternoon. Our pricing is set well below the industry average for the experience and expertise that we have; our fees are set this low to help raise-up and grow the self-publishing and indie book industry surrounding authors.

Martin: What inspired you to initiate ‘Nurture Your Books’?

Bobbie: I founded Nurture Your BOOKS™ back in 2010 in response to a glaring need for professionals who can advise, guide and assist authors and publishing companies by helping them reach their online marketing, publicity, and promotion goals; we bridge the ever-widening gap between those who need help and those who are qualified to provide it.

Martin: Do you think book covers are important?

Bobbie: Without a doubt. For any seeing person, a book cover is the first thing that they will notice and it’s great a way for an author to make a favourable first impression on potential readers.

Martin: Do you experience any challenges with ‘Nurture Your Books’?

Bobbie: My biggest challenge is having to tell a potential client that their work does not currently meet our promotional standards. Promotional standards are minimum requirements that Nurture Your BOOKS™ has for our clients before we can promote them and their work. A potential client and their book(s) generally meet our promotional standards if their book has been professionally edited, has a high-quality, professional cover design (front & back) and the book has been properly formatted. We review all pertinent information before we agree to promote an author and their work. These standards exist to help our client’s books meet industry standards, so their work can compete with releases from medium and large, traditional publishing houses.

Martin: Do any particular authors inspire you?

Bobbie: I won’t name any names but if you’re an author who faces hardships, self-doubt, and challenges but you keep writing anyhow, you inspire me.

Martin: Does anyone outside of the writing world inspire you?

Bobbie: Yes, my best friend, the love my life and my soulmate; he inspires me each and every day. His love, support, and encouragement give me all the positivity and inspiration that I need.

Martin: I was once asked in an interview if I preferred The Beatles or The Monkees? How about you?

Bobbie: The Beatles. My Step Father, may he rest in peace, was a man who I loved dearly. When I was only 14 or 15 years old, he introduced me to them and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Martin: What angers you?

Bobbie: Having no coffee when I wake up makes me incredibly grumpy. Close enough?

Martin: What makes you laugh and smile?

Bobbie: A good comedy special makes me laugh. Going for a long drive in the countryside in the summertime with the windows down, looking at beautiful flowers, getting fresh cup of coffee, kitties playing, birds doing silly things – they all make me smile. 🙂

Martin: Do you have a favorite quote?

Bobbie: Yes, I do. “Live, Laugh, Love.”

Martin: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Bobbie: I’d like to thank you for having me here today. I really appreciate this opportunity as I am normally the one interviewing people. It’s a nice change.

Martin: Where can we learn even more about you and ‘Nurture Your Books’?

Bobbie: You can learn more about Nurture Your BOOKS™ by visiting our website and on our social media accounts:

Nurture Your BOOKS™ Website: www.nurtureyourbooks.com

Indie Book Nexus: https://indiebooknexus.ning.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbie-crawford-224ba223/

Twitter: @NurtureYourBook @NurtureBookTour

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nurtureyourbooks/

You can also contact me directly by email at bobbie@nurtureyourbooks.com.

Nurture Your Books

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